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*HOST ONLY* Cory Daigrepont with Marvelous Comic Closet

Comic Shop

"My name is Cory Daigrepont. I grew up watching superheroes every Saturday morning, and I also always had a passion for drawing. But I never read a comic until maybe 5th grade, which is around the time I purchased my first comic. I would always buy action figures, play the role of a hero as a kid, and illustrate characters from shows. Which led me to gaming as well, and I had the wonderful idea of going to school to become a concept artist for games. I did go to school and graduate with an associates degree in Visual Communications Science. But I don't do concept work or graphic design for a living, I do it for a hobby (some of the work you will see on here was done by me). I work in a chemical plant as an API piping inspector. But I have been collecting comics and comic related goods for a few solid years now. Which is what led me to this idea of running an online comic shop. I get to feed others their fill for their hobby and passion which is a great feeling." See links below. Get in the know with Cory!

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*HOST ONLY* Cory Daigrepont with Marvelous Comic Closet
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