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Geaux Indie!

What are Indie and Alternative comics? 

An “Indie comic” is a comic whose creators are not bound by appealing to a larger corporation. The creators have complete control over their material and are not subject to rules and standards set by higher ups. The creators are “independent” of the company for the most part.


Alternative comics cover a range of American comics that have appeared since the 1980s, following the underground comix movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Alternative comics present an alternative to mainstream superhero comics which in the past have dominated the American comic book industry.


So why Indie?

Indie comics are powered by very talented, hungry, determined, passionate and creative individuals. Another words the small guys or determining on the location of the Indie group and you well, they're one of your local businesses. These guys have more to lose and even more to gain depending upon the success of their comics.

So geaux Indie! See below with who we support, follow on social media and Kickstarter projects. You won't be disappointed! 

Charter Comics

Snake Farm Comics (Jason Turner)

Jason Turner

Scout Comics

More to Be Added!

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