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Peli Con 2024 Application
(Sorry We Are Full. Currently a Waiting List. Please Note if You Receive an Email from Peli Con then You're Either Accepted or Next in Line. Peli Con Will Not Respond to Applicants, Unless as Stated Above.)


Thanks for registering to our event! We will be in contact soon!

Peli Con 2024 Cosplay Contest Application

The cosplay contest will be held by Miss OoLaLa, Lady Luna Loveless, Hoshiru, Jojobizaree, Astrolenz, and Toadsage.

The contest will start at 4PM, and cutoff for signup is 3:30PM. Contestants must report to the stage area for the contest. Two contest will take place. The age groups are 12 & under for one contest and 13 & older for the second contest.

Prizes and trophies will be given out. So lets have fun! (You may register at the event for entry if needed.)


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*Sponsors please submit application and payments by April 1st.*

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