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Peli Con 2024

Tone Rodriguez

Tone will be returning to Peli Con! Tone Rodriguez is an American comic book artist and writer. He is best known for his work as a primary artist at Bongo Comics. In 2007, he played Benjamin Alvaro, an online blogger and killer, on Showtime 's series DEXTER. He also created the art for The Dark Defender (superhero). 

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Daniel Johnson (Risen Vision)

Daniel will be returning to Peli Con! Daniel is an American comic book creator, writer and publisher. He is best known for his comic book series Saint God's Warrior. 

Risen Vision is a comic book business that REPRESENTS god and purpose. Storylines within the entertainment of the books such as forgiveness is big, giving back to the community is important for us. the most important thing to us however is spreading the love of THE MOST HIGH. GIVING GOD THE GLORY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY!

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Dave's Gaming Galaxy

Dave's Gaming Galaxy will be returning to Peli Con! Dave's Gaming Galaxy, is a traveling vendor booth/video game store stationed mostly in Houma, Louisiana. They buy, trade, and sell!

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Rob Broussard

Rob Broussard is a freelance illustrator/artist. Rob is known for his comic variant covers, comic book exclusive covers, and sketch card art for Upper Deck. He has worked on covers for Snakefarm Comics, Comic Cartel, Aequitas Comics and many more.


John Holland

John Holland is a writer and publisher with Diebold Comics with years of experience. His stories and character creations are very unique. A list of some of his titles are Robot Sex, Alma, Two Tons of Fury, The Getaway Driver, Marie Laveau, Voodoo, A Girl and Her Dog, Lizards, Life During Wartime, and Joe Bushkin.

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Damon Pellican

Damon Pellican is a freelance illustrator, comic creator & publisher, graphic designer, and a U.S. Army Veteran.

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Wild Skullflower Art

Corin Beverly the artist behind Wild Skullflower Art creates vibrant and colorful fine art illustrations which pulls elements from the tattoo world, street art, comics, and the generally peculiar. Otherworldy fantastic and magical imagery, brilliant crystals, beautiful flowers, skulls, and geek culture populate their work.

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October Nights Press

October Nights Press is home to the Bram Stoker Award® nominated editor and author Mark C. Scioneaux. He is the author of INFERNO, THE CADAVER CHRONICLES, and POACHER. He is co-creator of the cult hit CANNIBAL FAT CAMP. He also is the author of numerous short stories appearing in various anthologies, and much more.

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Blerd-Ish is returning to Peli Con! They are podcasters that make special appearances, run a online comic shop, they support the independent comic community and much more!


Nyxx Creations

Nyxx Creations is a small business that was started almost 4 years ago. The creator, Brittany, attends local pop up events and conventions all over Louisiana and Mississippi throughout the year with handmade items all within the nerdy and alternative realm. From anime and horror inspired resin keychains, trinket trays, sublimation or vinyl tumblers, mousepads, car coasters and so much more!

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JWo Design Studio

If you're on the hunt for something charming and inspired by the Kawaii aesthetic straight from Japan, then look no further than JWo Design Studio! From keychains to reusable sticker books, plushies to retro handbags, and Deco Photo Sleeves for your KPop Cards and photos, JWo Studio has got cuteness GALORE!

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Living Dead Girl - Killer Handbags

Living Dead Girl - Killer Handbags is returning to Peli Con! They specialize in hand crafted pop/horror culture handbags, wallets, and so much more!

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Lazy Nerd Designs

Lazy Nerd Designs is returning to Peli Con! They are a small team of artist who print on their own puntastic shirts, hats, string bags, pillows and wallets. Their printables are handmade by them.

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Nerdbrew Coffee & Gifts

Hand-roasted coffees and handmade jewelry, for the nerd inside all of us!

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Jojozbizarre is a NELA based cosplayer, content creator, and model who focuses on wig styling, makeup, photo editing, and costume design.

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Lady Luna Loveless

Lady Luna Loveless is an award winning cosplayer, wig stylist and owner of Cajun Moon Creations based out of Louisiana.

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Jamie Ray's Fave Five From Fans Podcast

Podcast about Favorites & why we love them. Music, Movies, TV, Toys, Comics, really Anything. Join us as we discuss the common areas in the Venn Diagram that is Pop Culture.


Cenla Collector Con

Cenla Collector Con is Central Louisiana's first major collector convention.

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Pancake Haus

Pancake Haus is SOLA's first mini pancake bar that will be making an appearance at Peli Con! They work events, parties, and pop-ups in Lafayette and the surrounding areas!

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501st Legion

The 501st Legion is an international costuming organization dedicated to celebrating STAR WARS™ through the creation and use of quality costumes that portray the villainous, morally ambiguous, or non-partisan characters from the STAR WARS™ universe. The Legion promotes interest in STAR WARS and facilitates the use of these costumes for STAR WARS-related events as well as contributes to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.

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TexAna Taceauxs & More

TexAna Taceauxs & More is a local food truck out of Prairieville, La. They use to work out of a tent for almost 1 1/2 yrs, until their dream became their reality. Now they travel from Baton Rouge to Morgan City to Slidell working to provide people with unique delicious food experiences every time you visit them. So if you see their bright Orange trailer you might want to stop you won’t be disappointed!

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Kristen Kortright with Screaming Fish Comics

Kristen Kortright, the creator of Screaming Fish Comics, is a comic book writer/artist and 2d animator from Thibodaux, Louisiana. The first series from Screaming Fish Comics is Black Shadow and the Protectors, created by Kristen Kortright and her brother Enrique Kortright Jr. In Black Shadow and the Protectors, Trevor Stirling aka the Black Shadow joins Bat Ray and Water Woman to form a new superhero team. The Protectors must race against time to stop the mysterious plans of the villain Malware, recruiting new heroes and uncovering secrets along the way. Unlike the other team members, Trevor has no superpowers. Using his inventions and creativity, Trevor learns what it really means to be a hero.

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Pickin N Grinnin Collectibles

Pickin N Grinnin Collectibles specialize in signed and certified collectibles from every fandom as well as action figures from pop culture to horror.

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Leigh McNasty

Leigh McClendon, known as leigh_mcnasty, is a TikTok creator who has gained fame for his leigh_mcnasty account. His comedic sketches surrounding his life as a teacher, often lip-syncing and dressed as animals, have helped him amass more than 1 million followers. In 2021, he joined ACAFilmes as a Patreon and supporter of the Brazilian film company known for the association with Hollywood and Bollywood producers.


C4 Entertainment

C4 Entertainment will be returning to Peli Con! Clifton Johnston owner of the online comic & collectibles shop C4 Entertainment, and his love for comics began when he was a young child. He was mesmerized and intrigued by the stoic, space-wandering Silver Surfer, and he was inspired and emboldened by the willpower of the great Green Lantern Hal Jordan. He was immersed in the pages of comic books and the stories that help grew his imagination. As an adult, he more a fan now than ever of the creativity and artistry of comics, science, games, and all things fantasy genre. Clifton is also 1 of 4 founders of Peli Con.

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Anthony Figaro 

Anthony Figaro is an multi-talented artist that has done everything from working on city maps to working for Topps trading cards with Lucasfilm, Upperdeck and Marvel.

Figaro has been a comic book artist for over 15 years.

He has also crafted a comic book entitled "GODS HAND."


Jason Turner

Jason Turner is a freelance illustrator, comic cover artist, creator/publisher, and artist with Charter Comics.

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New Orleans has a new superhero! DopeSmack is a newer comic book superhero created by Joe Mexican and published by Dark Atom Studios. A film adaptation is also coming soon!


"DopeSmack" follows Alex Santos, a self-taught scientist, who develops a bulletproof suit and receives superhuman powers that allow him to battle super-villains, fight for his city, avenge his father's death and rescue the ones he loves.

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Cory Daigrepont

Cory Daigrepont is an artist that resides in Lafayette, LA. He holds an associates degree of science in visual communications and works full time as an API piping inspector. Cory is passionate about his art, and always looking to improve his techniques. He fills his spare time by attending church, spending time with family & friends, and taking care of his two pups when he isn't bowed up like a Halloween cat. Cory is also 1 of 4 founders of Peli Con.

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Big J's Comics

Big J's Comics will be returning to Peli Con! Big J's Comics is a comic and collectibles shop that delivers the goods! As seen at conventions and Rooster's Antiques at 3209 Kaliste Saloom Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508.

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Art By Artemis Solas

Art By Artemis Solas is an anime and video game resin artist. The owner, Jessi, makes a variety of things made of resin such as hairclips, earrings, and keychains! She also makes sublimation items and vinyl items like cups, shirts, tote bags, mouse pads, and pencil cases. All of Jessi's items feature video game characters, anime characters, and other various geeky, kawaii, or alternative aesthetics.

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Sava Cards & Collectibles

Sava Cards & Collectibles is a hobby shop located at 8269 LA-1 Suite D, Mansura, LA 71350. They have all your hobby & collectible needs from table top gaming, cards, comics and so much more!

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Adorkable By Design

Adorkable By Design is returning to Peli Con! They specialize in handcrafted unique plushies with epic backstories!


We're All Mad Creations

We're All Mad Creations will be returning to Peli Con! Specializing in handcrafted and laser etched lightboxes with mad creations on them. Images used range from gaming, movies, comics and more! Custom jewelry can be found at their booth as well.

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Fortress of Solitude

The Fortress will be returning to Peli Con! Fortress of Solitude is a collectibles shop with collectibles from the modern day collections and the retro era.


Hoshiru Cosplay

Hoshiru_Cosplay is an award winning cosplayer, who specializes in armor and prop craftsmanship. And is also a Youtuber/twitch streamer

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Toad Sage

Toad Sage is an award winning cosplayer that focuses on modding, prop building, and obscure character cosplays.

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Miss OoLaLa

Miss OoLaLa is an award winning Louisiana cosplayer, radio personality, and craft person.

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Louisiana Retro Con

Louisiana Retro Con is the only convention focused around video games with retro gaming as the main focal point. The focus is to help preserve physical media while bringing the convention fun to a small town.

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Nerd Swap

Nerd Swap is an event planning group that provides local anime nights, gaming pop-ups, and micro conventions. Their main goal is to bring the community together!

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Asian Cajun

Asian Cajun is a Louisiana local food truck. Well known for making appearances at great shows throughout Louisiana. They're bringing the heat with their unique and very tasteful food!

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Rebel Legion

The mission of The Rebel Legion is threefold. First, we offer the costume enthusiast of the Star Wars hero characters a global community to enjoy, express, and share their costume talents. Secondly, the Legion also promotes the quality and improvement of Star Wars costumes. Thirdly and most importantly, we follow the lead of Lucasfilm Ltd. by giving back to the community through works of charity and volunteerism.

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Danny Givens

Danny is an artist from El Dorado l, AR. He has been creating art as a hobby and a side job since 2014. With his focus mainly on illustrations using both traditional and digital methods. Danny enjoys drawing characters from comic books, cartoons, and anime. He art is cross posted on both his personal profile and art page Trashpandaart71 on Facebook. He just launched a ko-fi page, where he will be listing original art and prints available for purchase.

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Strangecat Cosplay

Strangecat Cosplay consists of two ambitious crafters who have a variety of passions, including cosplay, cats, and Dungeons and Dragons. Carley and Vic have been cosplaying and participating in various competitions since 2012, with several awards under their belt, as well as a few Best In Shows. Carley, also known as "Cat" has experience from college studies in textiles and metalsmithing. With a long running interest in theater and costumes, cosplay quickly became a big part of their life. This duo has expertise in cosplay electronics, prop making, fabric dyeing, and patterning, and they encourage others to explore outside the box when tackling those difficult cosplay problems. They both enjoy designing original cosplays as well, taking on their own interpretations of characters and bringing them to life. When deciding on a new cosplay, they always enjoy a challenge in the art of "how do I make that?" Together, they hope to encourage others to express themselves through the art of cosplay, and have fun doing it!

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