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Peli Con 2025

C4 Entertainment will be returning to Peli Con! Clifton Johnston owner of the online comic & collectibles shop C4 Entertainment, and his love for comics began when he was a young child. He was mesmerized and intrigued by the stoic, space-wandering Silver Surfer, and he was inspired and emboldened by the willpower of the great Green Lantern Hal Jordan. He was immersed in the pages of comic books and the stories that help grew his imagination. As an adult, he more a fan now than ever of the creativity and artistry of comics, science, games, and all things fantasy genre. Clifton is also 1 of 4 founders of Peli Con.

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Cory Daigrepont is an artist that resides in Batchelor, LA. He holds an associates degree of science in visual communications and works full time as an API piping inspector. Cory is passionate about his art, and always looking to improve his techniques. He fills his spare time by attending church, spending time with family & friends, and taking care of his two pups when he isn't bowed up like a Halloween cat. Cory is also 1 of 4 founders of Peli Con.

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