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Nathaniel A. Landry


Nathaniel A. Landry

Artist Bio

Nathaniel A. Landry is an Illustrator, Painter, Hip Hop emcee, and art

teacher residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree

from Southern University in Fine Arts as well as a Master’s Degree in

Sequential Art from The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

His first solo exhibition: “It’s Goin’ Down”, opened November 20th, 2009 at

Insomkneeacks in Baton Rouge. Throughout the years, he has participated in

numerous art shows and has shown with his father, Nathaniel “Pops” Landry

in various father/son art shows.

Nathaniel has also instructed art for thirteen years in the East Baton Rouge

Parish School System and was an adjunct art professor for two years in the

Fine Arts Department at Southern University.

Currently, Nathaniel is working with Ellemnop Art, an art collaborate that

curates his work through virtual and in-person exhibitions, art pop-ups and

online marketing. Together, they have created a line of limited edition art

prints, and skateboards featuring Nathaniel’s Afrofuturistic artwork and


I am an artistic samurai. Molded from the clay

of God’s unique design. My thoughts and

imagination travel the Intergalactic highways

of the vast cosmos. Any tool that I use to create

with is considered to be my “sword”. Each

stroke is like a sword’s slash that gives birth to

a new line; as my imagination spills forth on to

the surfaces that can withstand my patient,

meticulous, energetic, artistic fury. The

underground fighting spirit of Hip Hop, the

punk rebelliousness of Rock and Roll, Abstract

Expressionism, Science Fiction, and Japanese

Manga are my artistic roots. My journey as an

artistic samurai is one of joy, frustration, and

evolution. It is my responsibility to create and

educate in the most imaginative fashion

ushering in the next generation of bright,

young, artists. Climbing to the mountaintop is

a beautiful struggle, with God as my guide; I

push forward overcoming life’s unexpected

curveballs and challenges.

Nathaniel A. Landry

Nathaniel A. Landry
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