As You Wish

What is Wishlist? Its just an easier way of communicating with Marvelous Comic Closet. Just simply use the form "As You Wish".

What can it be used for? Pre-orders, pull list request and any comic shop related questions you may have. You can also access Previews World and Penguin Random House catalogs to assist with your browsing/shopping/pre-orders, if items you want can not be found in stock at Marvelous Comic Closet. To see how pre-order & pull list request are done and what your responsibilities would be see link below.

See links above or below with underlines.

Pre-order & Pull List Information

Previews World Catalog

Penguin Random House Catalog

Penguin Random House Comic Catalog

If Marvelous Comic Closet doesn't have what you're looking for in stock and you can't wait on us to fulfill your "Wish", then checkout where we shop below. (See underlined words for links.)

C4 Entertainment (Louisiana Proud & Veteran Owned! Great people!)

My Comic Shop

Midtown Comics

Shopping in Lafayette, LA (Where We Shop Locally)

Acadiana Comics & Collectibles    (Greatest Shop & Shop Owner Ever! Always has Jokes!)

The Toy Room Lafayette   (Where us nerds go to call toys collectibles! Epic shop!)

Big J's Comics   (One collector to another! Boxes for days to dig in!)