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Shaken Bible Study

Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life's Storms

Author: Tim Tebow

with: A. J. Gregory


Tim Tebow, an American sports icon, shares in this innovative Bible study guide how the only sure foundation for personal identity is a vital, growing relationship with Jesus Christ. For both personal and small group use.

Tim Tebow--football champion, role model, and media sensation--tells how a variety of experiences in recent years have tested his faith and positive outlook. His professional football career may not have gone as planned, but in days of adversity and even self-questioning, Tim has learned that God is always faithful. And it's only through a relationship with Christ that you can maintain a steady, healthy self-identity in good times and bad.


Trade Paperback

On Sale 12/20/2016

5.46 "W x 8.20 "H x 0.30 "D

96 pages

3 Oz



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Shaken Bible Study

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