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A Biography from a Believer.

Author: Paul Johnson


    The definitive life of Jesus from the bestselling author of A History of Christianity.

    Few figures have had such an influence on the world as Jesus of Nazareth. Paul Johnson's brilliant and powerful reading of Jesus' life at once captures his transfiguring message and his historical complexity. With a superb historian's command of his subject, a masterly writer's love of language, and a believer's passion, Johnson presents a lucid and deeply moving biography of a man whose life changed the course of history. Jesus offers readers a succinct yet lively account of the man who inspired one of the world's great religions and whose lessons still guide us today.


    Trade Paperback

    On Sale 02/22/2011

    5.10 "W x 7.72 "H x 0.69 "D

    256 pages

    7 Oz

    Penguin Adult HC/TR

    Penguin Books

    Education Grade Range: Grades 9-12 + AP/IB

    • Cultural Destinations > Museums > History
    • Inspirational & Spiritual > Religion > More Religions...
    • Non-fiction > Biography & Memoir


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