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Here, printed in clear, easy-to-read, self-pronouncing type, is the Revised Standard Version of The Holy Bible.

This edition is a superb synthesis of modern language and the lyric force of the King James Version. Easily accessible yet still magnificent, it retains as much poetry as possible while replacing obscure words and outdated phrasing with more contemporary usages.

The 1,120 pages of text contain, in addition to the complete Old and New Testaments, a summary of the books of the Bible, a history of several modern translations, an outline of New Testament history as well as useful cross-references, and an extensive series of notes regarding translation and original sources.


Trade Paperback

On Sale 12/01/1974

5.25 "W x 8.00 "H x 1.34 "D

1120 pages

21 Oz

Penguin Adult HC/TR


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Holy Bible

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