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Author: Wintercroft


One of a set of four 3D masks/wall mounts: Inside this shrinkwrapped slipcase is a hands-on book that brings to life a legendary creature from the hit fantasy series Game of Thrones--the White Walker.

The slipcased book contains details of the House, including motto, sigil and/or other key information. Full instructions are included on how to punch out and assemble the mask and wall mount. Each mask has been designed to replicate the features of the famous beast and once assembled, covers the face and head. Mask can either be worn or hung on the wall.


Trade Paperback

On Sale 10/10/2017

10.40 "W x 11.90 "H x 0.50 "D

44 pages

20 per carton

22 Oz

Bantam Dell

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Game of Thrones Mask: White Walker (3D Mask & Wall Mount)

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