Pattinson is THE BAT!!!

Robert Pattinson delivered as The Batman. I give the movie a 4.8 / 5 or maybe even a 5 / 5, my opinion. The Batman gave me vibes like Batman meets The Godfather, Batman Nolan trilogy, some cop show but just with the lights off. This movie delivered the goods!

The movie showed the detective side of Batman, which that's what he does in the comics. He fights crime and solves cases, they don't call him a detective for nothing...right? We saw none of that or very small portions of him acting as a detective in the Batman cinema universe. You feel as if you're not watching a superhero at times, which there is nothing wrong with that at all.

You get to see some of the well known characters and villains. Hopefully we get more of this and not another Warner Bros reboot of Batman. The actors/actress that portrayed these characters did an excellent job. Isn't Colin Farrell supposed to be in the movie? Oh, wait he is! You would have never known it besides the media, everyone and their momma pointing it out. His Penguin appearance was more realistic, not like Tim Burton's version (But of course it was Tim Burton and we love his movies!). However, it still did justice by the character. Some side views of his face you can tell he was supposed to be the Penguin. The Riddler was excellent, a more serious and gruesome side of the character is portrayed in the movie. If you're expecting Jim Carrey or a Frank Gorshin type you will be highly disappointed. Zoe Kravitz delivered the goods as Catwoman as well.

To close this out Pattinson is THE BATMAN!!! In my opinion he topped all the other Batman portrayals and Batman movies, which isn't hard to do. So if you want a dark gritty, action/crime, detective show and a great Batman well we have that with The Batman. Side note: I loved the new Batmobile...Geaux watch it!!! FYI pay attention…

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